Success Stories

Through the Grassroute Guide we are a changed organization. With everyone in the boat, flying the same flag, we all started to row in one direction, which created an energy level that had to be answered. And so it is.”
– Tom O, Irving, Texas

We’re a better community group because of our experience with the Grassroute Guide. Through their process, we discovered some communication blocks existing from one end of the group to the other. We also discovered the great diversity of talent we have.”
– Michael G, Salt Lake City, UT

Working with the Grassroute Guide produced dramatic breakthroughs. Our team is now unified and filled with enthusiasm. Th Grassroute Guide got us working in sync, which creates a passion the community can feel. When you put that passion to work it’s amazing what a group can do.”
– Ron L, LA, CA

“Following the Grassroute Guide made us a better team. Without a doubt we’re doing the best work we have done in years. We can hardly picture ourselves communicating, thinking and working together the ‘old way’. ”
– Gunter P, Reykjavik, Iceland

“Our group had gotten pretty bogged down with conflict. Once we started using the tools we got in the Grassroute Guide things really picked up. Our future has never looked brighter or clearer. Following the Grassroute Guide was perhaps the best decision we have made.
– Kerry C, Providence, Rhode Island

We’d love to hear your comments and success stories of your grassroots community group.

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The Grassroute Guide

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