For over two decades Paul Deslauriers has been one of the leading organizational development consultants to groups driven by the energy of human compassion and ingenuity. Paul serves grassroots groups, nonprofits and businesses alike. He is an expert at identifying what’s driving a creative organization off course, and what the group members can easily do to get it back on track. When Paul consults with a group of people working thogether he shares specific skills, techniques, and understandings. He leaves them empowered and well-equipped to sustain a team that consistently functions in a high energy zone.

Key levers:

Attaining this high level of effectiveness doesn’t mean a complete overhaul. Often Paul can help an organization move one cultural lever that is so pivotal to success. The resulting shift can cascade into improvement on many fronts that will affect growth and organization well-being indefinitely.

Where is your Key Lever?

Such a growth trigger can be found in your structure or heritage, a process, a team or even a key individual. If stuck, it can be the primary block to your organization’s advancement. But in most organizations this jammed lever doesn’t get fixed because it’s simply not recognized, and even if it were, most groups don’t have the objectivity nor expertise to deal with it.

Take the “Growth Levers” Survey:

Can you identify any key cultural levers that might presently be stuck or malfunctioning, and therefore holding your group back? This quick self-assessment tool can help you identify big opportunity areas.

Interdepartmental Teamwork

Work Processes

Leadership Skills


Executive Teamwork

Information Exchange

Positive and Constructive Feedback


Professional Development

New Projects

Community Relations


Physical Work Environment

Project Teamwork




Peer-Group Involvement


Work/Life Balance

All organizations have pivotal factors, what we call “cultural levers,” for increasing performance and well being. If you checked off even one lever listed above your team could benefit significantly from some organizational development work.

Available Consulting Services:

The GRASSROUTE GUIDE Interactive Webinar:

A Roadmap to Grassroots Community Development, Empowerment and Success.

A series of six webinars that deliver the essential tools and insights to support and develop your thriving grassroots group and accomplish your community initiatives.

  1. Establishing the mindset of a high energy community group. The belief systems everyone needs to learn, grow and open new horizons. How to observe your own behavior patterns, patience and emotional balance.
  2. Engaging community participation. Networking on the local level and far reaching web-based tools like Facebook.
  3. The nuts and bolts of facilitating groups and meetings; group participation in setting agendas, active listening, feedback skills, Non-Violent Communication.
  4. Clarity of vision. The values to be integrated into your group culture. How values and vision create culture and become the foundation of love and mutual respect.
  5. Structural design for smooth running groups. Identifying and neutralizing dividers, disruptive people and paid subversives. Assigning support roles to those who support the values and visions so that everyone takes ownership
  6. Feeling the force: the spiritual component of community, holding a high vibration to attract participants.

Here are some of the questions we will answer: How do you engage and enroll your local community? How do you maintain participation? Is there a way to tap the power of community? How do you prevent or handle conflict? What are the best approaches for marketing your group? What is the optimal organizational form? What does it mean to be an organizer or leader of a group? What is the best way to run a meeting or hold an event?

This workshop is perfect for a large group who may be in separate locales. The program can be recorded and made available online to your entire organization.

Executive and Board Retreats:

Based on interviews and assessment results, Paul and his team design a retreat to meet your specific needs, building vision, teamwork, and a unified culture. This off-site retreat is a creative and supportive experience with group processes that identify and resolve key issues, build leadership cohesion, and clarify roles and responsibilities.

Organizing For Creativity Workshop:

This leadership workshop is focused on six key organizational valves that either block or specifically enable the creative flow in all corners of your organization: Structured Teamwork, Alignment of Intention and Purpose, Process and Information Flow, Professional and Personal Development for Staff and Leaders, Communication Structure, and Accountability.

Paul and his team facilitate a mixture of presentation and activities to assist your group leaders in restructuring your organization to run with these valves open. The end result is that creativity becomes an integral, natural and lasting part of your group’s culture.

Team Building Workshops:

Specifically designed for your entire staff to bring light to your organization’s unique challenges and opportunities. The seminars are engaging, experiential, and fun and deliver a high level of information, skills, and techniques. Detailed training books for all participants are included. Most importantly, we work on a deep personal level to create shifts in patterned belief systems and root behaviors to insure lasting change.

Visioning and Strategic Planning:

This collaborative process has separate assessment, development and implementation phases. Interviews with staff, leadership, board members and the community your group serves help us gather the internal and external input critical to honest assessment of strengths, weaknesses, and new or existing opportunities.
Paul will offer feedabck on how to position your organization in your market or community. We can help you establish a clear mission or revitalize an existing one, which becomes a dynamic and exciting focus for your organization.

Individual Leadership Development:

We coach executives and rising stars to further develop their talents and skills on both professional and personal levels while addressing weaknesses hindering them from their best contributions to the organization. After holding interviews with the individual and close associates, Paul will design a personalized coaching program. This guidance can be practical: goal setting, interpersonal skills, and meetings management; or personal: building self-esteem, defusing stress, and conflict resolution.

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