Organizational Development, Team Building & Effective Leadership Training for Non-Profit Community Service and Advocacy Groups.

Get the essential tools and insights to develop and maintain a positive, “high-energy” in your grassroots community group.

Download the new GRASSROUTE GUIDE E-Book right now to get the essential tools and insights to develop and support your thriving grassroots group and accomplish your community goals.

As an organizational development consultant for over 23 years, Paul Deslauriers has assisted over one hundred TV broadcasting stations, advertising agencies, corporations and public service grassroots groups in finding their paths to positive energy and sustained success.

Author Paul Deslauriers

Virtually all organizations have a key, primary pattern that sets a dysfunctional tone throughout the group. Poor morale, stagnant growth, and lack of creativity can all be symptoms of an uncorrected primary pattern.

The newGRASSROUTE GUIDE E-Book leads you through a step-by-step objective, holistic analysis of the personal, structural, and interpersonal patterns that make up your group’s culture.

TheGRASSROUTE GUIDE will help you find the triggers to heal dysfunction in your group, re-establish positive energy and drive you to success.

But that’s not all… TheGRASSROUTE GUIDE covers Communication Skills, Techniques for Managing Volunteers, Staging Events, Brand Imaging, Managing Local Media, Neutralizing Disruptive Individuals, AND MUCH, MUCH MORE…

Testimonials for the GRASSROUTE GUIDE:

daniel Following the Grassroute Guide made us a better team. Without a doubt we’re doing the best work we’ve done in years. We can hardly picture ourselves communicating, thinking and working together the “old way”. – Gunter P, Reykjavik, Iceland

Kerry Our group had gotten pretty bogged down with conflict. Once we started using the tools we got in the Grassroute Guide things really picked up. Our future has never looked brighter or clearer. Following the Grassroute Guide was perhaps the best decision we have made.

– Kelly C, Brewster, Mass


So Much Value For Just $23.99

14 Steps to Get Your Group Started
16 Essential Leadership Techniques
11 Elements for Staging Successful Community Meetings
9 Factors to Facilitate Meetings
12 Techniques for Staging a Successful Small Event
11 Steps for Identifying Common Visions and Values
9 Tips for Focusing Your Group’s “Collective Intelligence”
7 Key Questions to Help “Brand” your Group’s Identity
6 Characteristics of Powerful Community Organizations
6 Self Tests to Help Stay “On Course”
5 Skills to be a Better Listener
14 Techniques for Giving Positive and Constructive Feedback
8 Questions to Test Your Feedback Skills
9 Questions to Test Your Group’s Receptivity to Feedback
10 Techniques for Protecting Your Group From Disruption
12 Tests for Identifying Disruptive Individuals
11 Skills for Responding to Challenges and Disruptions
12 Points to Help Transform Dysfunctional Beliefs
14 Talking Points to Get Free Exposure in Local Media
11 Considerations for Developing a Media Plan
18 Media Tips for Presenting Your Message to the Public

Participating in a grassroots community group can be an enormous challenge.
GRASSROUTE GUIDEwas designed to help make your involvement fun, rewarding and successful.

Use the surveys in the GRASSROUTE GUIDEto get a holistic picture of the major patterns that make up your group’s culture. Chart an accurate map of your group’s energy flow and you can then easily identify which patterns gain or drain energy. TheGRASSROUTE GUIDEshows you how!

Free audio download

The Grassroute Guide is the best $23.99
you’ll ever spend for your group!


The Grassroute Guide has the answers…

What are the best approaches for marketing your group?
What is the optimal organizational form?

What does it mean to be an organizer or leader of a group?
Is there a way to tap the power of community?
How do you prevent or handle conflict?
How do you engage and enroll your local community?
How do you maintain participation?
How can you fully utilize available resources?

What is the best way to run a meeting or hold an event?

TheGRASSROUTE GUIDE will give you answers to these questions and more. It’s your roadmap to addressing the many needs and skills of grassroots organizing. The book is also meant to inspire, educate and empower your grassroots efforts by utilizing insights and proven techniques from leaders and past successes.


Testimonials for the GRASSROUTE GUIDE:

Tom Using the tools we got in the Grassroute Guide we are a changed organization. With everyone in the boat, flying the same flag, we all started to row in one direction, which created an energy level that had to be answered. And so it is. – Tom O, Irving, Texas

Michelle We’re a better community group because of our experience with what’s offered in the Grassroute Guide. Through their process, we discovered some communication blocks existing from one end of the group to the other. We also discovered the great diversity of talent we have. – Michelle G, Salt Lake City, UT

Ron What we learned from Paul produced dramatic breakthroughs. Our team is now unified and filled with enthusiasm. The Grassroute Guide got us working in sync, which creates a passion the community can feel. When you put that passion to work it’s amazing what a group can do. – Ron L, LA, CA

In 23 years as an organizational development consultant author Paul Deslauriers has assisted over one hundred TV broadcasting stations, advertising agencies, corporations and public service grassroots groups in finding their paths to positive energy and sustained success.

Paul recognized that groups that function well and achieve impressive accomplishments all integrate six specific core values and associated behaviors into their culture.

When you get your group aligned with these six specific core values and behaviors your organization will naturally function at a high level, participants will be uplifted and rejuvenated. Love, trust, and collaboration will flourish.

TheGRASSROUTE GUIDE details these six characteristics using real-world examples and a series of self-tests that teach the skills and processes needed for your group to function at a high level and tap its true power and potential.

Organizational Levers:

Can you identify any key cultural levers that might presently be stuck or malfunctioning, and therefore holding your group back? This quick self-assessment tool can help you identify big opportunity areas.

Interdepartmental Teamwork

Work Processes

Leadership Skills


Executive Teamwork

Information Exchange

Positive and Constructive Feedback


Professional Development

New Projects

Community Relations


Physical Work Environment

Project Teamwork




Peer-Group Involvement


Work/Life Balance

All organizations have pivotal factors, what we call “cultural levers,” for increasing performance and well being. If you checked off even one lever listed above your team could benefit significantly from some organizational development work.

Special No Risk Guarantee!

Read the GRASSROUTE GUIDE and use our methods of communication and group dynamics for 8 weeks, if you aren’t thrilled with the results, and don’t feel it’s worth many times what you paid, we’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.Downloading the GRASSROUTE GUIDE is easy. Just click on the link below and follow the prompts. You’ll download an easy to navigate 89-page PDF file that you can use right away.

Download the GRASSROUTE GUIDE right now and get on the fast track to success for your organization.



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